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Great News For Ansmann AA and 9V Rechargeable Users

Great News For AA and 9V Users

As you may know, Ansmann recently upgraded their rechargeable battery line. The AA’s, 9V’s, and AAAs all have higher minimum capacity which translates into longer run-times and higher recycles.

The Bad News Was . . .
Some of our clients with dimension-sensitive devices could not tolerate the slightly wider diameter of the AA cells.

The Good News Is . . .
Through special arrangement with Ansmann, Horizon Battery will continue to provide the original “slimline” version of both the 2850 mah cell  You will now see both versions available on our website.

Ansmann 2850 Rechargeable Batteries
The Skinny on 9V’s . . .

Ansmann is in the process of consolidating their 9V selections. The new 9V 300 mah is now available and is replacing both the standard 9V 250 mah and the Max E low discharge 250 mah

New Ansmann 9V 300 mah

The standard 9V 250 mah is no longer available.  We will continue to carry offer the Max E 250 mah as long as there is stock. The new 300 mah Ansmann is also low self discharge and can be used for both high and low drain devices. It is the same dimensions as the previous batteries, so no worries about the fit.

We’ve had great reports from our clients that are using this powerful new battery.  Check them out!

3 Responses to “Great News For Ansmann AA and 9V Rechargeable Users”

  1. John says:

    I am so glad to see this, I have a few things that take nine volt and I wanted rechargables and never could find the ones that would fit, this is perfect for that and the double aa’S will be helpful as well. Why is it that they drain so fast when you put them in a camera? Thank you for this post I am very appreciative of this and I will get some soon.

  2. James says:

    I could use some reliable, rechargeable AA batteries for my remote control and my head lamp. I did not know that there are different widths of AA batteries. I thought that there is one standard size. In any case, these look like a good buy. I just wonder if I will run into any problems with the size on any of my electronic devices.

  3. Mina says:

    Its been a busy hurricane season in the South East region. Thankfully, I had to endure only tropical storm Isaac thus far. But the season is not over and I’m not out of the woods just yet. So I think I will make sure I am more prepared by buying a few sets of rechargeable AA batteries and 1 or 2 Ansmann recharger units.

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