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 Pro-Grade Rechargeable Batteries And Battery Chargers For All Your Applications. Replacement Batteries, Alkaline and Lithium Batteries.


Understanding Rechargeable Batteries

Today, consumers have a wide variety of choices with rechargeable batteries. There are high capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries,  low self discharge rechargeable batteries (“Max E”), and  lithium ion rechargeable batteries just to name a few.

We encourage you to preview our short video tutorials before buying rechargeable batteries for the first time.Your understanding of key factors such as low and high drain devices, run-time requirements, pattern of usage and different battery chemistry will ensure optimal satisfaction with your purchase and help to minimize frustration.  Before you invest your money, invest your time.



 How To Find The Best Rechargeable Battery

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 The Correct Rechargeable Batteries For Your Electronic

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Standard NiMH Rechargeable Batteries – are available in higher capacity but should be left on a smart battery charger on trickle charge until ready for use to prevent self-discharge.

Max E Low Self Discharge Rechargeable Batteries (LSD) – have slightly lower capacity than standard rechargeable batteries but have the added advantage of long shelf life. The Max  E rechargeable  batteries can maintain their charge in stand-by for up to one year. They do not need to be left on a battery charger after charging. The advantage of this rechargeable battery is that not as many battery chargers are required and they can be left in the device dormant for a long period of time – up to one year..

The 9V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery is designed for high-drain, long run-time devices. Since the lithium ion 9V rechargeable battery has a capacity of 600 mah, it will last over twice as long as the standard NiMH 9V rechargeable battery.


Understanding Battery Chargers

Equally as important as the right rechargeable batteries is the proper battery charger. Preview our short Battery Charger Tutorial below and learn how to maximze your rechargeable batteries


How to Pick the Best Battery Charger
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Battery chargers range from simple, overnight battery chargers to fully automated battery maintenance chargers with reconditioning. Horizon Battery offers both simple, inexpensive battery chargers as well as multi-function, smart and rapid battery chargers. For example, our Digispeed 4 Ultra Battery Charger is the fastest, automated, fan-cooled battery charger available today. We also carry top of the line universal battery chargers for digital camera, camcorder and mobile phone batteries.


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Regardless of your application and type of rechargeable battery required, Horizon Battery has a battery charger to accommodate your needs.

If you need help in selecting a battery charger, feel free to click on “live chat” or call us toll free at 800-648-7239

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